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I am Carly Cook, a multi-disciplinary creative communications practitioner, events designer and artist motivated by a passion to help purpose-led businesses deliver their dreams, from the inside out.


As the founder of Carly Cook Creative, I use a unified approach - drawing on the things I love: events, communications and immersive experiences which manifest as moments of wonder - to connect employees to the vision and values of their organisation.


Bringing wonder to work elevates the employee experience, helping employees to feel valued and connected to their organisation, sparking an increase in motivation, creativity, employee engagement, productivity and purpose.

I have been advising and leading not-for-profit communications and creative teams for a decade now. My background in the arts, events and operational management underpins Carly Cook Creative's strategy and outputs.


I am able to move seamlessly between sectors to execute excellence whilst elevating the employee experience. 


So what are you waiting for? Awaken the wonder within your team. Let’s chat!

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