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A picture of Carly Cook, a white woman with a blonde bob wearing green dungarees and a striped t shirt in front of a green and pink foil curtain with a green lightning bolt through the centre


Here's where I get to show off some of my creations. One of my favourite things is to create large scale art installations to ensure an event or brand has a visual identity that elevates the experience of everyone who interacts. Bringing some wonder too, of course!

In this portfolio of works you'll find examples of my bespoke art installations, event design, video direction, web design, brand development and design

Wedding image.jpeg
wedding decor.jpeg
southbank 1.jpeg
A prop saying 'My inner rebel made me do it' in white writing on a black background with a pink lightning bolt
A mustard coloured coffee bean containing the words 'cracked bean' in a seventies style white typeface with the word 'roastery' underneath in the same typeface but mustard coloured. This is the logo for Cracked Bean Roastery
An abstract acyrlic painting of the midnight sky on canvas using dark and light blue hues with clouds peaking through. The picture is inside a wooden frame against a pink wall and on a gravel floor
A picture of Carly, a white woman standing next to the words LIFE IN FULL in 3D, made out of foamboard and filled with pom poms made from tissue paper
The word 'hope' made out of a rope light shining bright in a dark room with a white man in a red plaid shirt in the bottom right
A picture showing a white man speaking on a stage with an art installation in the background showing a large landscape display of paper leaves cut out and shaped like leaves from green papers and card
More coming soon!
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