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2018 - 2019

Client: King's Arms Trust 

Brief: To design, build and install large scale artworks that bring wonder to the room and elevate the event experience for all delegates to achieve maximum impact.

A picture of Carly, a white woman standing next to the words LIFE IN FULL in 3D, made out of foamboard and filled with pom poms made from tissue paper
A picture of the words LIFE IN FULL in 3D made of foam board and filled with tissue paper pom poms against a dark grey wall with a still of a video showing a black man with a white hat and some red, green and yellow colour lens flare

I designed and made this installation to decorate the auditorium for Chrismas. The theme was 'Life in full' so I wanted to create something larger than life that would have a high impact when people walked in the room.

To make these letters more planet friendly I used biodegradable foam board and made 100s of pom-poms from tissue paper to make sure the interior of the letters was also biodegradable.

(Not pictured, a 12ft Christmas tree and 3x4m long ribbon wall that I designed in complimentary colours to go on the opposite wall.)

A picture showing an art installation fixed to the wall of a stage, it's a large landscape display of paper leaves cut out and shaped like leaves from green papers and card
A picture showing a white man speaking on a stage with an art installation in the background showing a large landscape display of paper leaves cut out and shaped like leaves from green papers and card

I designed this paper leaf installation for a wellbeing conference. I led a team of volunteers who helped create all the leaves which were stapled to a large piece of chipboard that was going spare. We painted the chipboard to match the colour of the wall. All the leaves were folded, coloured, crumpled and crimped to give a greater 3D effect. The finished pieces made a huge difference to the space and created an energy of wellness to emphasise this focus of the conference.

the word 'hope' made out of a rope light shining bright in a dark room with a white man in a red plaid shirt in the bottom right

It literally took my breath away when I walked in - sooo beautiful.

'Hope & Joy' event delegate

I designed and created this piece as  part of a set for a Christmas event themed 'Hope and Joy'. We had 'hope' on one side and 'joy' on the opposite side of the wall. I taped the rope light out into the letters and then used tacks on either side to hold them in place. 

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