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14th June, 2022, Manchester and online

Client: Advita Patel, CommsRebel Ltd

Collaborators: Vardeep Edwards and MediaFour

Brief: To lead the creative direction for the event, ensure brand consistency, accessibility and inclusivity across platforms. To engage a graphic designer and develop visual identity, website, stage and room design, photo booth backdrop and promo video.

For this brand new conference with keynote speaker Matthew Syed, our brief was 'think differently'. The event needed to be accessible, inclusive, creative, inspiring and bold. 

I led the creative direction for the event and wanted a visual identity that would embody those elements and create an emblem that people immediately connected with the vision of the conference. 

I wanted people to walk in the room and know that they were at 'Unleash Your Inner Rebel' and were immersed in creative nods to the theme of the event.

I worked with graphic designer Vardeep Edwards to develop a visual identity for the conference from logo design through to stage props and removable vinyl stickers on pillars in the room.

I worked with MediaFour who took my storyboard and concepts to create the event promo, just 45 seconds that would be bold and impactful to give people a taste of what was to come at Unleash Your Inner Rebel.


I designed and managed the event website, registration, virtual attendee sites and delegate comms.

As well as the above, I wanted to design a bespoke backdrop to create a moment of wonder for delegates. I knew selfies would be high on the agenda for attendees!


I love to re-use and not waste any materials to be as planet friendly as possible and I had some ribbons leftover from a previous project so I created a multi layered lightning bolt from several layers of ribbon and foil curtains.

The feedback from the event was brilliant:

Carly’s creativity and ability to think differently is her superpower. She brings a unique perspective to the team and encourages people to think differently. If you’re looking for a burst of creativity to take your communications to the next tier - you need to book her immediately.

Advita Patel - Director
CommsRebel Ltd

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