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In my spare time I paint using old canvases I've found in charity shops or bits of cardboard and paper and leftover tester pots of paints. I paint with expressive brush strokes using mixed media to express whatever I'm feeling at the time. I'm heavily influenced by colours of the mediterranean, I'm always dreaming of being in the turquoise ocean looking out at terracotta and cobalt blue landscapes and these dreams come to life through my paintings.

An abstract acyrlic painting of the midnight sky on canvas using dark and light blue hues with clouds peaking through. The picture is inside a wooden frame against a pink wall and on a gravel floor
Three abstract paintings inside wooden frames with vibrant colours and shapes stood against a green wall and on a wooden floor
A green and yellow abstract painting inside a black frame on a grey concrete wall with large yellow chairs in front
A mixed media painting of a blue vase filled with red, pink, purple, orange and yellow flowers in an abstract style
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